Tax Planning

Tax planning is the proactive process of developing strategies to help you minimize and/or defer the payment of income taxes generally by taking beneficial advantage of specific tax-law provisions and optimizing the timing and amount of tax deductions and credits utilized. The Internal Revenue Code consists of an increasingly complicated set of rules, containing many traps for the unwary.

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Investment Management

Investment success is achieved when you have fully funded all of your financial goals.  This requires you to: (i) define your goals, (ii) invest as much and as often as you can, (iii) develop a portfolio that fits your unique profile and needs, (iv) have reasonable expectations of risk and return and (v) stay committed to your investment plan during the dark days of the inevitable "bear markets." 

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Retirement Planning

We recently met with an individual whose parents passed away at the ages of 102 and 98. Longevity risk (i.e., the risk of running out of money before you die) is a meaningful risk for this individual … and many others … as advances in medical technology continue to grow exponentially.  This, coupled with the likely diminished support from Social Security and Medicare programs...

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Jack Cunningham & Patrick Cunningham
Owners and Senior Advisors

Cunningham & Associates

Integrity and a commitment to serving your best interests are at the core of our total service offering.

Integrity is at the core of each and every decision we make, every service we provide and every recommendation we offer.

Our integrity allows you to accept our professional service and recommendations without concern for hidden agendas or motives that run contrary to your best interests. Of course, our technical expertise, our experience and our true desire and commitment to provide you with a very high level of personal financial service are also very important.  

But it's our integrity that serves as the basis for the trust that will characterize our relationship, which in turn will afford you the freeedom to truly benefit from our relationship in the long run.