Retirement Planning

What is retirement planning?

Retirement planning involves envisioning the retirement lifestyle you want and formalizing the plan that ensures that your retirement lifestyle will not be compromised.

How can we help?

We begin by discussing with you your desired retirement lifestyle - where you will live, what you will do and where you will travel. We then quantify your current and likely future resources, including Social Security benefits, and compare that with how much your desired retirement lifestyle will likely cost - over your expected lifetime (with a cushion built in).

Our analysis also works to identify the potential need for certain Plan modifications, including how your assets are being invested, the timing of your retirement, how much you are currently saving and spending, and when to begin collecting Social Security benefits.

Our Retirement Funding Analysis service affords you the opportunity to look at the finances associated with several different retirement lifestyle scenarios, thereby allowing you to set in motion a feasible retirement funding strategy today that (i) best mitigates the risk of you out-living your money and (ii) best accomplishes your retirement funding goals.

Here's how to get started…

Please contact Pat Cunningham (248-952-1502, ext. 223; or Jack Cunningham (248-952-1502, ext. 224; of Cunningham & Associates to set up a meeting to discuss your retirement planning needs and our retirement funding analysis service.